We Are Thinking About a Big Party

Of course I am not talking about an ordinary night out on the town, this is the sort of thing that requires a lot of thinking before the fact and in truth we would have to have a lot of people put their money in the kitty before we could really solidify things. I called up the guy at the party bus thing for a quote and he told me to view our platinum party bus site while we talked. So he was telling me that it is a matter of how many people I have that I want to bring along on the trip. The biggest things that they have are party buses, which usually will carry around forty to forty five people. If you have more passengers than that you need to get two vehicles. For instance if you had sixty people then you could get two limo vans, although obviously that does not sound nearly so cool as a party bus does.

I am in charge of figuring out what it will cost and what everyone has to contribute for it to make sense. Of course that is not so easy, since some of the people who want in are a lot better equipped to handle the cost than other people are. When you split up the cost of a party bus forty ways it is going to seem a lot more reasonable than it would if you had one person taking care of the total cost. That is not going to be the same for every person though. Some of these guys work in the high tech software industry and they make so much money that it starts to lose it’s meaning for some of them. Not every person has that sort of luxury when they reach into their wallet.